Going Green – Eco Friendly

A special message from Roman Brzozowski,

Founder and President of Elite Detailing Service, Inc.

Dear Valued Clients,

We are constantly bombarded by news on our environment, “global warming”, climate change & so on. Being green seems to be the in thing to do right now. However keeping our environment clean as well as keeping our clients & technicians safe is a top priority for us. We have been researching green technologies for the auto detailing industry for some time now & have already implemented several steps including the use of microfiber cloths which increases the effectiveness of a smaller amount of chemicals & using a pressurized washing system allowing us to use as little as five gallons of water to detail a vehicle instead of over 100 gallons that the average person uses to wash their own car & we have also been using biodegradable soaps & cleaners now for several years. We are also using other green alternatives when possible such as waterless car wash technologies to save even more water. In addition we are using our paint cleaning clay instead of harsh cleaning compounds to restore automotive paint to a smooth & shiny surface & we have the ability to reclaim our water in areas that have storm drains leading to rivers & lakes.

Ways you can help us:

  • Don’t wait until your vehicle is very dirty to have it detailed since this may require the use of more harsh chemicals to clean certain ground in dirt & grime.
  • Let us know if you have a shaded area that we can work, this allows us to use less product since working in the sun will evaporate a significant amount of product that is wasted.
  • Donate any lightly used brushes, towels & bottle sprayers that we can reuse instead of these items going into landfills.

Please give us your feedback & ideas of how we can improve our service to you. Feel free to call me directly at 815-609-3382 or email me roman@EliteDetailingService.com & let me know your thoughts on this issue.


Roman R Brzozowski

Founder & President, Elite Detailing Service Inc.